Community Manager

Kansas City, MO



Plexpod is looking for a self-starter with a passion for people & community. In this role, you will be regularly giving tours, analyzing our spaces and reviewing our processes. The Manager is always helping prospects become members and helping non-members book events and spaces. You are all about member engagement: Creating member events, managing conflict, setting expectations and getting in front of the unknown. You believe every interaction is important and it shows. This position is based in Kansas City.



  • Lead by:

    • Assuring operations and processes are followed and enacted properly.

    • Encouraging and achieving growth of our resources & o erings.

    • Receiving direction, executing tasks, and following the guidance of your Director.

  • Showcase Plexpod’s culture & values while in daily pursuit of our goals.

  • Help create and maintain a healthy, unified team by training and building up Associates & Interns.

  • Assist your Director in strategic and tactical decisions to help influence the operations and finances of your building.

  • Create a thriving community for our members through events and other relationship-building activities.

  • Maintain maximum occupancy by signing up new members and managing churn.

  • Review & improve processes with productive, positive change in collaboration with your Director. Coach and keep your team aware along the way.

  • Participate in and lead local community events for networking with prospective members, businesses, start-ups, organizations and collaborators.

  • Recognize trends and community priorities inside and outside our space. Analyze, report and implement new ideas regularly.

  • Manage the calendars, book events and maintain seasonal ebb & flow.

  • Schedule and give inspiring tours. Record any and all information obtained in CRM.

  • Monitor & respond to our space & membership inquiries and track them in CRM.

  • Learn about member’s & prospective member’s businesses so Plexpod can best match our products and o erings to their objectives.

  • Pursue any opportunity or engagement to learn or discuss a member or team’s objectives, goals or needs.

  • Jump on every opportunity to connect members with each other. Always be learning about our member’s goals, needs and objectives.

  • Plan & lead informative, educational and fun events based on requests & needs.

  • Resolve member conflicts & problems through unbiased analysis and recommend member termination when justified. Manage expectations and maintain a healthy community using clarity & kindness.

  • Clarify and reinforce Plexpod policies & procedures to members one-on-one and in group settings. (ie, agreements & billing info)

  • Plan housekeeping events with members as needed to get in front of potential building or member issues. (ie, overflow parking, co ee, meet-up room protocol)

  • Assist new and exiting members by planning move-in days and exits, sharing welcome information and retrieving Plexpod property (fobs, etc.) upon exit.

  • Maintain exceptional housekeeping standards by, but not limited to, the following:

  • Ensuring all lights and monitors are on at the start of and o at the end of the day.

  • Straightening chairs and making sure all furniture / decorations are in their right place or position. This is to be reassessed throughout the day.

  • Cleaning up trash or messes / spills / accidents.

  • Wiping o whiteboards after meetings.

  • Restocking bathroom/kitchen supplies and changing light bulbs when needed.

  • Communicate early & often any member or space-related needs to your team.

  • Be an expert with our booking system so you can:

    • Sign up new members.

    • Schedule meetings or book events.

    • Create invoices.

    • Protect the integrity of the Plexpod brand. Follow our standards and uphold them.



You are:

  • Honest, a able, and responsible

  • Mindful of yourself and your surroundings

  • A self-starter who desires to accomplish goals and exceed expectations

  • Passionate about start-ups and the entrepreneurial community

You have:

  • A passion for Plexpod’s mission & members

  • Customer service and/or sales experience

  • Experience managing projects and team operations

  • The ability to juggle many things at once

  • Excellent written and verbal skills

  • Competency with basic computer skills

Who We Are

We are a network of coworking spaces where any freelancer, start-up or small business can enjoy dynamic o ce space & shared resources within a culture of community and growth. Our goal is to create spaces for creators, whether that’s creating a new business, an app, or a spreadsheet.

Our team is centered around the idea of Community. “You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality” (Walt Disney). We believe amazing things happen when you pair interested people with inspiring spaces.

We act as if anything is possible at Plexpod. Dream accordingly when you are here. Below are the values that shape & mold our day-to-day:

TEAM This isn’t a job, you’re part of a team with a shared goal. If you’re looking for a job, this isn’t it.

HOSPITALITY If you take care of and help people, success will be a byproduct you don’t have to worry about. Care about empty people more than empty spaces.

OWN IT Whatever it is you are doing, own it. No hurdle is too big to win, no task is too small for outstanding quality.

NO GOSSIP If you have a problem bring it to a problem-solver. There’s no room for gossip here.

CHANGE If you are not making plans to move forward, then you are heading nowhere...or worse, backwards. Set goals, read a book, plan a trip. There is no excuse for sanctioned incompetence. Humbly help each other. Be teachable. Change is good.

SHOOT SACRED COWS No one drinks egg nog year round. Bad traditions & rituals get in the way of progress.

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